Refresh and Rebrand for Bathrooms Plus

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Bathrooms Plus

Bathrooms Plus

After 17 years online with only 3 updated designs, we were long overdue for a major refresh of the brand, website, and the solutions we provide.

Bathrooms Plus has become one of the most sought after websites as a 1-stop solution for shoppers looking to find bathroom products all in one place, special deals, and ideas.  Based on years of visitor feedback it was high time that not only did we create a soft-rebrand but also expand our product range and offerings.

Say hello to the new Bathrooms Plus look, updated products that encompass everything bathroom!  Of course our new domain name – what could be better than the .plus domain extension becoming available? It was only natural that we became and moved away from

The new website will be adding scores of articles from redesigning and decorating your bathrooms, cleaning, maintaining, and choosing the right bathroom products. Yes, you got it, we intend to become the authority and resource for bathrooms.

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The Bathrooms Plus Team