Choosing the Right Bathtub for Your Bathroom

Choosing the Right Bathtub

Since we spend so much time in the bathroom, shouldn’t choosing the right bathtub be a decision that’s made only after researching the best possible shape, style, bath size, and various other criteria to ensure we end up with the most suitable bath to suit our particular bathroom layout, whilst also being kind on our wallet? We think so, but you may find it rather a daunting prospect when you’re limited by size or restricted by budget. Well, we’ve done a little research on your behalf, helping you to make your final decision. This is by no means everything that needs to be taken into consideration but it’s certainly a great place to start.

Bath Materials
There are three main materials modern-day baths are made from:

Acrylic – the most popular due to the many styles now available (acrylic is easy to mould), and for their cost-effectiveness.  Easy to clean, warm to the touch, acrylic is now made from durable, quality materials, and they’re also reinforced with fibreglass to add rigidity.

Steel –built to last, a steel bath is more expensive but extremely durable. It will hold the heat well, though is cold to the touch, so not ideal if your bathroom is not well-heated, especially during the colder months of the year.

Cast Iron – when you really have no concern for budget and it’s all about style, a cast iron bath is the way to go.  They’re obviously heavier than Steel and Acrylic baths so making sure your floor is strong enough to take the weight is essential, and a reputable builder will be able to assist if additional floor support is required.

Bath shapes and styles

Corner Bath
A sensible solution for a small bathroom with limited space, the corner bath adds a stylish look to your bathroom redesign, fitting your bath into a neat and tidy corner.  Triangular or square in shape, many corner baths utilise whirlpool or spa jets to maximum effect.

Double Ended Bath
Take your pick at which end you bathe in a double-ended bath.  With middle-mounted, wall, or floor-mounted taps, you’re not only able to install your bathtub in almost any position within the room, but you can also enjoy sharing your bath-time with the one you love!

Freestanding Bath
Make your bath the main feature in your bathroom with a freestanding bathtub.  Depending on the style, many can be beautifully accessorised with elegant claw feet, previously all the rage in bathrooms of the elite during the late 19th century.  Freestanding baths are available in a range of styles including, roll-top, double-ended, and slipper bathtubs.  Many manufacturers do not pre-cut tap holes which enable you to select elegant standpipes, floor-mounted, or wall-mounted bath fillers and taps to your personal preference

Rolltop Bath
If you wish to add style and elegance to your bathroom then a roll top bath is a must. First used by the affluent in the late 18th century, the roll top bath later became popular to the middle classes.  Modern-day roll top baths are made from acrylic and stone resin and produced in a range of styles that include double-ended, single-ended, slipper-tub, and classic boat-bath, all available in varying sizes.  Wall, floor-mounted taps or standpipe will complete the elegant stylish look of you roll top bath.

Shower Bath
Ideal for a smaller bathroom that cannot incorporate separate bath and shower enclosure, a shower bath is one that combines both bath unit and shower screen all in one, with the shower area being slightly larger than the other end of the unit.  Many family bathrooms utilise this style of a bath to save on space.

Single Ended Bath
A standard style bathtub, the single ended bath is one that has the taps (and waste) at one end, most often with a slightly sloping backrest at the other, ensuring a more comfortable bathing experience.

Slipper Bath
Another bath style from the Victorian era, this elegant bathtub has one high end on which to lay back and relax, with the other lower end housing bath-mounted taps, or you may wish to install wall or floor mounted taps instead, to complete this elegant look.  A slipper bath is a beautiful addition to any bathroom if space is not an issue!

Whirlpool, Spa & Jacuzzi Bath
Whether for therapeutic reasons or for a little additional pampering, installing a whirlpool or spa bath into our bathroom refit will bring your bathing experience up to that next level of comfort!  Whirlpool adjustable jets disperse water to provide a soothing or invigorating hydrotherapy massage to neck, shoulders, and lumbar area! What’s not to love about this bath option?

We hope you will find this bathtub guide useful in helping you decide on the right bathtub to purchase for your bathroom redesign, installation or refit.

Next week we’ll be talking bath taps!!!