Bath Tap Styles & Options Guide

Elegant modern bath taps

Now that your bath has been selected it’s time to take a close look at the type of bath taps you desire for your particular bathtub.   Not surprisingly there is a huge range of bath tap shapes, styles, and designs available, so we have broken these down into a guide with specific categories to help you find exactly what you are looking for!

Bath Fillers

A bath filler is a single tap for filling your bath.  Bath fillers can be wall or deck-mounted as well as freestanding, with various spout options including, open spout, waterfall, circular, square and oval spouts.    A bath filler will add an elegant look to your bathroom.

Bath Tap Sets

Many manufacturers offer 2, 3, 4 and 5 hole bath tap sets.  These taps can be wall or deck-mounted and are available in a range of styles and designs.
The combinations are:
2 hole set – this combination would generally include spout & tap, or tap & shower kit
3 hole set – this combination would include separate hot/cold taps, and spout
4 hole set – this combination would include separate hot/cold taps, spout, and shower kit
5 hole set – this combination would include separate hot/cold taps, spout, shower kit, and a diverter to select bath/shower

Bath Shower Mixer Taps

The bath/shower mixer tap provides an all-in-on solution for your bathtub, combining bath and shower tap all in one unit.  Though many people love the traditional styles on the market, there are some highly stylish contemporary bath/shower mixer taps available that really bring your bathroom’s style level up a notch!

Bath Spouts & Waterfall Taps

Probably one of our favourite bath tap designs, the bath spout or waterfall tap adds a whole new level of style and chic to your bathroom’s completed look.   You won’t be able to resist dipping into the bath more frequently as you enjoy cascades of clean water plummeting into your bathtub, welcoming you into abundant bubbles!

Freestanding Standpipe Taps

If you are installing a freestanding bath to your new bathroom refit then standpipe taps could be considered as an alternative to wall-mounted taps.  Again, this modern looking tap really steps up the level of style in the bathroom, and provides a stunning finish to your bathroom’s look and feel.

Mixer Taps

Mixer taps combine hot and cold water from one spout. There are an immense range of quality mixer taps on the market today, with modern, traditional, square, rounded, and angular designs available, in chrome and brass.

Basin & Bath Tap Sets

For those of you looking to streamline your bathroom hardware accessories, you’ll be happy to hear that most manufacturers offer a range of basin and bath tap sets for that uniformed look you require – the bonus also being that you have only one headache (in your decision making), and not two!  Basin/Bath tap combo’s are available in both contemporary and classic designs, and often at a more appealing price than if you purchase taps separately.

Selecting the right style of bath tap will have a big impact on your bathroom both visually and in terms of performance, so be sure to research your options thoroughly, and ensure you have the correct water pressure at home for the type of taps you wish to purchase.

We hope this bath tap guide has provided some helpful information to assist you selecting the right taps for your redesigned, or new bathroom installation.