Twyford X60 Bath Shower Mixer Deck Mounted Tap


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Twyford X60 Bath Shower Mixer Deck Mounted TapThis Twyford X60 Bath Shower Mixer Deck Mounted Tap is a stunning designed bath shower mixer tap, the levers on the taps are simple to use and simply lift up to control the flow of the taps and the amount of hot or cold that come out of the spout, there is a simple square button in the top of the mixer tap which when pushed down activates the shower head and flows the water through there instead of the spout giving you a versatile product, this is very useful if you cannot have a shower in the bathroom due to restrictive reasons and still want to be able to rinse yourself off in the bath.The Chrome finish of the bath tap gives a stunning reflective shine that will only compliment your bathroom sanitaryware, the chrome material is easy to clean and maintain so you will have that shine all year round with a simple clean.

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