Aquaclad 2 Wall Tile Marble Kit


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100% waterproof and leakproof. Hygienic, easy to fit and easy to clean. You are going to love the look you achieve with our Aquaclad Classico Tile Marble wall panels with a matte finish. Thanks to state-of-the-art printing technology, these panels look incredibly realistic. They even include a grout line. But because the grout line is not real, there are no worries of mouldy grout in your future. Installation is a snap thanks to a tongue-and-groove design that results in each panel fitting tightly against the previous one. Panels lock in place to create a watertight seal that prevents leakage and seepage. Aquaclad Classico panels are extremely light as well. This is made possible by their hollow core that reduces weight without compromising integrity. The kit includes: 10 lengths of Tile Marble, 3 Chrome Edge Trims, 1 Chrome Internal Corner, 2 Cladseal with End Caps, 4 High Power Flexi Bond Adhesive, 2 White Silcione Sealants. First time buying wall cladding? Learn more and compare products here.

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